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The Mushroom Culture under ANATURAL PARK was founded in 2016, and our team is composed of more than 20 young and creative partners. We have been committed to integrating culture, art and creative knowledge into various industries through design, products and services. Cross-sectoral cooperation has promoted the formation and development of creative industries. The Mushroom Culture is the designer of the Fatiaowa IP produced by Vanke. It integrates creativity into industry and office. Through the perfect integration of childhood memories and industry. This IP integrates creativity into the boring industrial industry, making office a wonderful adventure. The DaYanJin IP image for Gemdale Corporation development integrates creativity into community development. The highly creative IP image design breaks the dullness of traditional community model house, allowing the majority of owners to experience a completely different way of life and create a completely different attitude towards life. LIANHUATGROUP integrates Lianxiaomeng into all business activities of the group, and provides better services for participants, which not only brings novel and interesting experience, but also increases the attention of Lianxiaomeng, thus forming a better brand effect.

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