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Beijing Zhongchuang Tourism & Culture (ZCTC) Group is a leading cultural and tourism intellectual property management corporation. The main business includes gestation and management of IP, the design and development of cultural and creative products, global authentic artwork exhibition and digital film theme exhibition. The group owns licensing rights of Three Hills and Five Gardens (including Summer Palace and Old Summer Palace), Yongle Palace, Imperial Academye of Ancient China, Sanxingdui, China Aerospace, Art Exhibition China of National Cultural Heritage Administration, Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, and People.cn, etc. We also operate the world's top art tours including Raphael of the Renaissance, Gilded Mummies of Ancient Egypt, Ukiyoe of Japan, and Digital Film Art of Dunhuang. The group's cooperative customers cover more than 100 excellent enterprises at home and abroad, such as the world's top 500, state-owned central enterprises and listed companies, including Huawei, Haier, Yili, Shiseido, and Unilever, etc. From cultural IP authorization to the operation of the world's top art exhibitions, we dedicate to pass on cultural values and build a better future.

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Royal Gardens

Sanxingdui Museum

China Aerospace•Space Everything

Oriental Style

Yongle Palace

Meet museum

Fairyland of Summer Palace