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FANTAWILD Animation Inc.

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Huaqiang Infante Animation, the national key animation enterprises, one of the top 10 outstanding original animation enterprises, is one of the few companies with a complete animation industry chain, boonie Bears, bear garden, city of Terra Cotta Warriors, house of the rat, wonder girl, and many other well known Ip. Fang Te Animation Production “Boonie Bears”and other more than 40 animation works, in more than 200 domestic television stations and new media platforms, access to the CCTV-14 since the opening of the top three and has long occupied the top of the animation ratings; Distribution to cover more than 100 countries and regions around the world, landing international mainstream media. With a total box office of nearly 4.3 billion yuan, the eight animation films in the “Bear haunt”series topped the list of domestic family animated films, and were released in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Infante’s extensive brand licensing and cross border cooperation, derivatives cover more than 20 categories of more than 3,000 Skus, with Mars, Incorporated, mcdonald’s, Junlebao, master Kong, Mengniu, China Resources 39, Infiniti, Ferrero SPA and more than 200 well-known brands to carry out in-depth cooperation. Infante has pioneered new approaches to licensing, such as cars and medical supplies. Infante animation also has a full range of ten million from the media brand matrix, billion brand exposure. Infante animation adhere to multiple IP development strategy, to promote the development of Chinese animation, to the world spread of Chinese culture.

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Miraculous Ladybug

Boonie Bears

Boonie Cubs

Boonie Squad