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Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

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Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Softstar Entertainment Inc, founded in 2000, and based in Beijing. It is one of the most influential original culture content companies in China. At present, it is controlled by CMGE (China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group) which is well-known global IP and games operator , and also Softstar Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is its subordinate. Committed to game development, animation, culture and creation, derived products and etc. Owning Famous producers Yao Zhuangxian and Zhang Xiaoquan. The main works include stand-alone PC games“Sword and Fairy”series, “Rich Man” series, “Sword and Fairy Inn”, “Tun Town 2”, mobile games“Xuan Yuan Sword: Luminary”and other works based on Sword and Fairy world concept.

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Sword and Fairy